Knex Folding Target Range





Introduction: Knex Folding Target Range

I have been meaning to do this ible for a while now, and have only just finally got round to it... I present to you instructions for my folding target range!
I like this one compared to other models because it's relatively low piece and has two handles (one on either side) to reset the targets with ease! When a target is knocked down a red con is shown. There are two different target sizes for different accuracy/power.

Have fun building and don't forget to rate comment and follow me for more awesome stuff!!!

Step 1: Piece Count!

All the pieces:

-Yellow x4
-red x14
-purple 3D x29
-blue 3D x7
-Grey (double port) x10
-Grey (single port) x10
-green x3
-white x21
-blue x28
-yellow x15
-red x4
-y-con x2
-tan clip x2
-blue spacer x16
-grey spacer x4

Step 2: The Base

This is what everything connects to and also what makes the whole thing stand up! I know it's pretty easy but I made it step by step for those who are new to Knex... =D

Step 3: The Reset Frame

This is what you pull to reset the targets and is connected to the base!!!

Step 4: The Targets

These are what you hit with ammo to make them fall down...WOAH...

Step 5: Putting It All Together

the name says it all really...Have fun with your new target range!!!



  • Nice work ;)  Easy t...-SirDaftBunny

    SirDaftBunny made it!


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thank u so much its great with my nerf guns

are the y-con necessary??

yep! they stop the targets leaning to far fporward and not falling over...:)