This is a knex foosball table I made. It has 1 goalie per side and fielders per team.

Step 1: The Team

This is your and your opponents team. It has goalies from picture 1-5. The attackers from picture 6-10.
After making keep them aside.

Pic 1: Take These
Pic 2-4: Make This
Pic 5: Take These
Pic 6-10: Make This
<p>wow it's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(3.9)</p>
<p>wow!make a video!!!!!!!!!!</p>
That's pretty cool. 4.5*s
Thanks. What do I need to do to make it 5 stars?
also add more players
improve the handles a little bit.
Do you want me to make them bigger or what?
Yeah, make them bigger and easier to grip on the handle parts.
Not bad!<br><br>If you have enough pieces you should beef it up some :D
how long did it take to build? <br> btw nice
6 hours.
I built one the night before I looked this up in around 30 minutes, I have a knack for building things fast.
It took me 6 hours because I did not have instructions to make it.
I didn't either, I built by ear
5*s if you make it bigger <br>
I would if I had more green and white rods.
no prob =D

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