This is a modified version of killer carz'offroad 4x4truck. This truck is almost indestructible. The only thing that comes off is the lights. It has a full roll cage, over head lights and opening doors. As you can see by the pictures there are two different versions. Enjoy!
That's awesome mine I built is similar is 4x4 and remote control with steering check it out
where can find wheels like that?
They're from the K'nex Overdrive Monster Truck set. Your best bet is on ebay.
where can find wheels like that?
where do you get those wheels <br>
There from the K'nex Overdrive Monster Truck set.
how do they fit
They snap on the end of a rod.
HOLY CRAP THATS AWESOME, u need to post instructions ASAP!!!!!!
Maybe and thanks.
dude that rocks!!! i know a guy with a bronco jacked up like that u got the proportions and everything right its beautiful
beautiful, 5*
BTW does it have suspension?
Yes, a little, but it is pretty stiff. The truck is really heavy so I had to make the suspension stronger.
Okay, if you dont mind can you make instructions for it please ,thankyou =D
I don't know if I should.
okay its your choice =D
This stuff is awesome.
wicked post instruction<br>
I might post instructions if enough people want me to.
This is a truck that could climb the boulders XD 4.5*
You should post more things like this instead of guns I wish there were more creations like this around...
Amazing looks just like the real thing! 5*
looks great!=D

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