Knex Full Auto V5





Introduction: Knex Full Auto V5

Hello! This is my K'nex full auto V5. Some of you have asked for it so i posted it. So, here it is!

Step 1: Stock and Friction Mech

Here is the friction Mech. It slows the Release Mech down.

Step 2: Handle and Trigger

This is the handle and trigger

Step 3: Release Mech

This is the release mech

Step 4: Fake Barrel and Mag

The barrel can be different lengths but i like it this long.

Step 5: Assembly

Here is how to assemble it.

Step 6: Finished!

there you go you have finished. to load put elastics like you would on a normal rbg but when you put a band on turn it back 4 clicks and then put another one on. hope you enjoy!

Step 7: Mods

i will post any mods here



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Questions & Answers


hahaha incredible, I am trying to make my own full auto gun for days and now I see I created a mechanism that you came up 2,5 years ago!

Yes; the gun will not work if you don't.

Does the Friction Mech cause recoil?

Yes, quite a bit which i think is cool.

coool. i'll have a look. btw i'm making a ppsh with your idea. hope that's alright. it has a drum mag that actually works (not like the real one though.). it's just a normal mag with 2 semi circles on each side lol

OOPS! Sorry i forgot to say. i gave up ages ago lol. it looked so ugly LMAO. I've gone back to gaming, uploading vids of them & listening to dubstep =P

do you need to cut the rods?