Knex Full Auto V5





Introduction: Knex Full Auto V5

This is my upgraded full auto as you may have seen in one of my forum topic.

Version History:

V1: Super Basic with weak structure but full auto.

V2: Made a stronger fake barrel.

V3: Added strength to structure.

V4: Reduced thickness and bulkyness to a 5 layer design

V5: Redesigned whole gun, mechanism is the same but the whole structure is different.



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    This looks pretty nice, I used friction on a semi auto RBG to stop it from burst firing once so I know what you mean by friction mech. Oh, and you could try using a gear for the elastics to allow for a higher capacity, the barrel looks strong enough to hold more elastics.

    And its the trigger that wont allow lots of rb's.

    Well if it doesn't burst fire, post it!

    So this is a fully automatic RBG that doesn't just let go of all of the ammunition at the same time? I tried one of these before, but I had it all wrong, I never thought of doing it like this... Ingenious... I am going to try to build an RBG with this type of mechanism... Thank you.

    I finished a handheld prototype, I am going to make a rifle out of this, and I made the friction mech. ALOT smaller. Would you like some pics?

    I remade it, here are the pics. If you have any questions, ask.

    knex 018.JPG

    I destroyed it because when you loaded enough rubber bands on it, it was uncontrollable, but I will recreate the mech. The mech is just a red gear and alot of grey gears, I will post a pic of it ASAP. And I made it very small, with the friction of SEVEN grey gears. I'll remake it and post pics ASAP.