Knex Full Auto V6





Introduction: Knex Full Auto V6

Here is my full auto v6

Full auto
Looks cool
Stronger trigger than v5

A little bit flimsy in some spots

Can someone do a review on this please?

NOTE: I had to take the pictures quickly because my dad needed the camera.

Step 1: Barrel

Here is the barrel. Its not as strong at the v5 barrel but it gets the job done.

Step 2: Stock

The stock is what makes the gun a full auto not a shotgun.

Step 3: Bullet Release

This is what lets the elastic bands go.

Step 4: Handle and Trigger

Here is the handle. Just build it.

Step 5: Assembly

Here we assemble the gun.



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    i use ld broken rods like gray ones i chop um up nothing else to do with them

    i. for one just have tons of white rods, way too much for my other k'nex parts, and therefore, i have no problem cutting them. i have like 40 cut white rods or so. lol

    You're extremely arrogant and big headed, and think you and your knex creations are better than everyone else.

    no i don't. there are lots of people much better than me and i know so. i think you're better than me for instance. i think you completely misunderstand me. i just like building knex guns and posting them... how is that arrogant?

    K sorry, but sometimes you do come across as arrogant.