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Introduction: K'nex Fully Automatic Burst Rifle: the K-2 V.2

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An improvement on my second in a series of new and innovative concept guns, the K-2 v.2 is very much unlike any other K'nex gun out there.  I utilizes a new "two-stage" pump that only activates the rifle's hammer when it is being pushed, and deactivates when the user is resetting the pump. 

The new pump was originally designed to rotate a cog, however until recently, a cog  with the right diameter to fit in with the teeth of the pump had been eluding me, and so this rifle works with the pump in direct contact with the hammer.  I intend to continue work on a v.3 that will utilize a traditional pump as opposed to a handle pump, and my hopes are that in doing so I will be able to make the gun more compact and more efficient.

The difference between the v.1 and the v.2 is merely the hammer, but a large part of the gun had to be altered as well to accommodate the hammer.  The original hammer extended a mere 3cm from its axis of rotation, limiting the distance it had to accelerate.  This hammer also had the design flaw of being at an angle, directing a lot of its force down rather than straight into the projectile.  The new hammer extends 6cm from the axis of rotation, doubling the distance it has to accelerate, and also contacts the projectile straight-on, ensuring that all of its force is being transferred to the projectile.

So, back to English.  I've put a lot of effort into this project over the past week or so and I feel that this is a very high performance gun.  Although the mechanism has still not been used to its full potential, it is definitely a post-worthy gun and instructions are on their way.

*UPDATE*  Instructions for this gun can be found here: 

Without any further ado, say hello to the K-2 v.2:



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    " The new hammer extends 6cm from the axis of rotation, doubling the distance it has to accelerate, "

    Isn't it, in that case, quadrupling the distance it has to accelerate?

    hi guys great gun looks awesome can you please look at my first one too though i would really appreaciate

    Only if it was ''yours''. You posted The Dunkis' BAW, claimed it was yours, and didn't give any credtis.

    Thanks a ton man! I just hope someone might be able to improve upon the concept sometime.

    Umm... Please don't look at me, I can't do it yet! =(

    Sure you can!

    First I'll need to get some more peices!

    It's called Strange Clouds. And yeah I'll make sure to check out your stuff!

    Btw thanks for the sub!

    *UPDATE* All pictures have been taken. Instructions will be posted in segments throughout this weekend until the whole gun is posted.

    I've said this before but I think this is an amazing build. Definitely the best gun of 2012 in my opinion.

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    Thanks a ton man. Instructions will be up sometime this week along with photos of a cool mechanism I've been experimenting with. As good as this gun is, I really hope the community can improve upon it because I think it even more potential.

    *it has even more potential.

    by deffinition a automatic is a semiauto gun that shoots pistol rounds XD

    Sorry for being trolly but I can not say this is full automatic

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    Hmmm...I was waiting for someone to say that...would you consider a m4's 3 round burst as automatic fire?

    I suppose. I see it actually as a semi automatic rifle with 4 triggers:) If I counted right..