Hi, this is my fully extended M4. Please note that this is my first instuctable so please go easy on me but you  can give me some advice if you want. So here are some Pros and Cons

Shoots hard
Shoots far
Has two decent Scoopes

No trigger
Rubber band mech isn't that good.

So without further redo here it is!
You still posted it twice so... yeah flagged as spam.
why flag it as a spam? <br>Its not anyway!<br>Great THAT'S ALL I NEED
How is it not spam?<br>You can't post something twice, the only catatagory that could possibly fall under is spam.
Look you!<br>I posted it twice by accident ok.<br>
Then delete one!
Ok Ok <br>no need to blow your top 'Mr Karma Charger18!
That wasn't a year ago, you do realise that the post date appears at the side of the 'ible. Both were posted onthe 24th of december 2011.
This is by no means any M4 I have ever seen. If anything it is a poorly made M14 if that.
He even posted it twice... perhaps I should flag this 'ible as<br>spam?
Yes you should.

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