K'nex Furious Gladiator's Long Blade


Introduction: K'nex Furious Gladiator's Long Blade

here's my instructable for the Furious Gladiator's  Long Blade. FGLB

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Step 1: The Tang

1. you'll be building this

2. buildin starts now jut follow the pics.

Step 2: The Handle and Blade Support

It's just  like a tube support on one of my coasters that's where all the strength comes in!

If you cant get it form the pics hit the [ i ] icon at the top left. it'll show the true size of the image.

Step 3: Handle Completer / Hidden Blade.

1. what you're building.

2. build this and so on follow the pics.

Step 4: Ze Blade!

1. build this!

Step 5: Details

Step 6: Finnishing Up.

this part is essential to make this sword not look like hunk of crud.

Step 7: The Red Rubberbands.

the red rubberbands that I put on were for looks they're not necessary but they really make it look like the real thing. they were supposed to be leather straps. if you have some red 64's then do so if you have any other color get  a red or brown sharpie and color them.



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    I built it! (This was my 3rd try) i had to remove the tang and the last step though, but i also added things

    13, 5:15 PM.jpg

    Any chance I could get a parts list on the green and long silver rods? I think I need to order more...

    2 replies

    Guess what (check the rating)? :P they changed the rating system to percentage, and it looks like everyone loved this :D.

    3 replies

     I have been looking for and making the "best" knex swords to find out which one is actually the best.  So if you made another and haven't posted it yet please do so by the end of the month.

    ps. if anyone wants me to look at their blade(s) reply to this comment

    COOL! but I only have like 20 mettalic pieces, so Mine would look pretty crap.
    * * * * *. I rate a lot of things 5, not because of the quality, but because of the effort. if it has good quality then thats even better! but this looks awsm.

    7 replies

     okaydokey, could you tell your bro to tell me(or anyone else) when hes ur bro instead of u please?