Knex Fusion Equalizer





Introduction: Knex Fusion Equalizer

Hello everyone

Today i started making this amazing gun, so i hope you like it and lets look at the pro's and cons

Read this first before you start

if there is anything unclear in the pictures, just ask for clearance


- comfy stock

- slanted forgrip (credit to the red book of westmarch)

- working magwell with mag release (credit to dr. Richtofen)

- working trigger (also from dr. Richtofen)

- thumbhold stock

- Tactical rail on top and the bottom

- Nerf attachment rail


- It does not shoot

By the way, if you guys like a Powerpoint with the instruction click below

Step 1: Building the Layout

In this step you will be building the layout

Read the image note in the first picture

Step 2: Building the Stock

Just follow the pictures on this one

I will update the pictures with notes if i happen to cross them

Step 3: Building the Handle and Attach It Immediatly

just follow the pictures (again)

updates when needed

Step 4: Building and Attaching the Magwell

Again you must follow the pictures

Updates when needed

Step 5: Building and Attaching the Barrel

follow the pics

Updates when needed

Step 6: Mag and Rubber Bands

Note: the mag is the exact same as the one made by dr. Richtofen. if you want to build it, go to his Scar -L

Follow the pics

Updates when needed

Step 7: Done

This is your fusion equalizer

If you have questions, feel free to ask

I will answer within a week or two (most of the time)



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    today i started making version 2.0, if you have any suggestions about what i could upgrade about this version, let me know ASAP

    Very nice gun! Favorited and voted for it in the contest.

    thnx, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. also for suggestions for another gun

    Epic name and epic gun! Impressive build :)

    please let me know if you have built it, and please put a picture with it, i want to show people the versions others have made. (if you mod, let me know too)

    thnx so much, if you have any questions, or if anything is unclear, just let me know

    nice gun,
    for the handle being not so comfy:
    the grip it at an angle of 45°, that's never really comfy, try using pistolgrips and try to use them in your thumbholestocks next time

    I will definetly try that next time. and maybe i will update it. i am making a 2.0 version at the moment. I will try to fix it. if you find anything else, just let me know