Hello, Today we'll be making my G-10.
It's a pretty simple build, And is a good little gun for people new to Knex.

Uses a small amount of common Knex peices-
Fairly surdy-
Has a trigger-
Shoots a few different types of rods-
You can change your gun's power by moving the small rod left or right.
Though if you push it to far up, The band will break.

It has a "block" trigger, meaning you must push it to the left in order to fire (well, Allot of people call it
a con, But I actually kind of like it XD )-

If you point this gun down, the projectile will fall out -

Not very powerful unless you put more rubber bands on which causes stress on the gun, (though it can get a decent range with a small green or black rod)-

- Grozz

Step 1: Part Count!

On this page lies all the parts you need to build the G-10.

4 orange connectors (2 sided)
2 white circular connectors ( 8 sided)
2 light gray connectors ( 2 sided)
1 dark gray or red connector ( 3 sided)
15 dark gray or red connectors (3 sided)

3 tiny green or black rods
2 small white rods
2 medium sized dark blue rods
2 long red rods

That's all folks!

I made it I actullaly like it execpt that reloading takes a minute and it doesnt shoot very far but exept for that I like it :)
<p>Funny how you did the /:: and ::\ in the title</p>
realy good for a single shot miny gun
This is actually a pretty comfortable block trigger even without the broken piece. <br>So far, this is the best block trigger ive made
like the look of it, but I agree.
Worthless in every sense of the word.<br />
way too simple!<br />
Dude, your rating for this gun is going to rocket down, and have tons of bad comments. If you don't know why, it's because it has a block trigger, and nobody likes those.<br /> <br /> I thought people were done making block triggers, but I guess not. If you don't want to be hated on I would suggest you delete this instructable. This is a no good hunk of knex that's going to get bad comments.<br /> <br /> Please delete this!<br />

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