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Hello, Today we'll be making my G-10.
It's a pretty simple build, And is a good little gun for people new to Knex.

Uses a small amount of common Knex peices-
Fairly surdy-
Has a trigger-
Shoots a few different types of rods-
You can change your gun's power by moving the small rod left or right.
Though if you push it to far up, The band will break.

It has a "block" trigger, meaning you must push it to the left in order to fire (well, Allot of people call it
a con, But I actually kind of like it XD )-

If you point this gun down, the projectile will fall out -

Not very powerful unless you put more rubber bands on which causes stress on the gun, (though it can get a decent range with a small green or black rod)-

- Grozz

Step 1: Part count!

Picture of Part count!
On this page lies all the parts you need to build the G-10.

4 orange connectors (2 sided)
2 white circular connectors ( 8 sided)
2 light gray connectors ( 2 sided)
1 dark gray or red connector ( 3 sided)
15 dark gray or red connectors (3 sided)

3 tiny green or black rods
2 small white rods
2 medium sized dark blue rods
2 long red rods

That's all folks!

Higley10895 years ago
I made it I actullaly like it execpt that reloading takes a minute and it doesnt shoot very far but exept for that I like it :)
(YOUR N4 years ago
realy good for a single shot miny gun
skyfaller4 years ago
This is actually a pretty comfortable block trigger even without the broken piece.
So far, this is the best block trigger ive made
mahmel4 years ago
idream5 years ago
like the look of it, but I agree.
DJ Radio5 years ago
Worthless in every sense of the word.
~KGB~5 years ago
way too simple!
Seleziona5 years ago
Dude, your rating for this gun is going to rocket down, and have tons of bad comments. If you don't know why, it's because it has a block trigger, and nobody likes those.

I thought people were done making block triggers, but I guess not. If you don't want to be hated on I would suggest you delete this instructable. This is a no good hunk of knex that's going to get bad comments.

Please delete this!