Knex G36C MINI





Introduction: Knex G36C MINI

About: i like knex and drums

This Instructable Is a knex G36C.Its compact and fires 50 ft with 2 big rubber bands. It takes about 10-30 mins to make. I hope you like it.

Step 1: Barrel

This is the barrel of of the gun.

1. The barrel

2.another view of the barrel

3. bottom of barrel

4.another view

5. trigger view

Step 2: The Frame

This is the frame of the gun

look at the pictures

snap some blue rods in the non-sturdy places

Step 3: Firering Pin

EASY make the pin

Step 4: Stock (opsinal)

This is the stock

Step 5: DONE!

thred the rubber bands through like so AND FIRE (the bands go though the hole closest to the white rod



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    Not to be mean, but this gun looks like dubstep sounds: random pieces of stuff thrown together.

    good gun and i modded it to have a true trigger a magazine and a folding stock

    there is a way better version it has a magazine that clips on and off and the ammo goes in there and it reloads a when you pull back the ram rod

    im gonna make a fully automatic modified version which i am working on and have the mechanics[plans] for and soon everyone will be able to biuld it

    1 reply

    That sounds pretty unrealistic cause there is only gatling guns that are fully automatic on this site and they are big and bulky. I'm working on a new Knex Invention. PROJECT X! U will know soon.

    you know, i'm not going to post the list on this gun, it frame good. but this will go on the list. so don't post block triggers any more ok?

    9 replies

    dude you try to make a trigger. I'm tired of this the first guns on the sigh were block triggers. you didn't complain. just because its a block trigger it doesn't mean it is un-cool. COME ON STOP WHINEN

    ok, the gun is good, thats why i did not post the list directly on this instructable. but this really needs to have a true trigger. i could easily hook the block trigger to be true. when the first guns were posted we did not have true triggers, thats why it was ok. but now we have true triggers that are easy to make. so now there is no excuse for not having a true trigger. also its not that block triggers in general are bad but that guns(mostly guns like this that have a frame) need true triggers to be really good.

    OK, i will answer all three comments you made:

    1. i say this so people do not keep posting these. if my comments were not mean, why would people stop posting these?

    2. me? i am. take a look at my comments. don't judge me because i tried to HELP this person. look at the comment this trailed from(mine) it is not mean in the slightest.. i even said that frame is good.

    3. i know, and i have not broken it. take a good look at this comment(the one that is trailed off of)

    you know, i'm not going to post the list on this gun, it frame good.

    but this will go on the list. so don't post block triggers any more ok?

    this is constructive. i never even said anything mean. if saying not to post block triggers is a bad thing, then i would rather be mean, for posting gun after copyed gun is spam.

    I know, but the calling me a noob, was pretty uncalled for, don't you think? "i never even said anything mean"

    so are you saying your not a noob? because if you are i have said nothing mean. i see noobs as people who have not posted any guns.