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Introduction: Knex G36C - Instructions (UPDATE)

In the last step there is a different mag that can be use with this gun.

This is my knex G36C. Some people asked me to post instructions for it so here it is. People also asked me to make the range better, and guess wat, I DID! It was very easy: all i had to do was add a blue ring somewhere and make the trigger further bak. It shoots blue rods and i changed the handle and extended the mag. I also changed the stock by making it longer otherwise i wouldnt be able to pull back the firing pin since i put the trigger furthur back. The range of the gun will be effected if 1. you make the gun wrong 2. the elastic band pushing up the mag pusher is too tight 3. the elastic bands pushing the firing pin are not strong enough. So the way u make the gun and what elastic bands you use will effect its range. Onto the good and bad stuff......

Pros: - 40 foot range(that was the minimum i achieved)
- good looking
- i changed the handle and it looks more like the real thing
- comfortable handle
- u can add a foregrip(i didn't make instructions for one)
- has a removable mag(credit to youngcookieboy)
- has a true trigger and trigger guard
- mag holds 19-20 bullets

Cons: - has some cut pieces
- i don't know if iron sights are accurate
- uses a lot of pieces

Well i hope u like it and have fun building it. If u have any questions on the instructions or the gun feel free to ask.
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Step 1: Body

In this step u are practically making the whole gun.
Follow the pics very carefully and read every image note(yellow boxes).

Step 2: Handle

You are now gonna make the handle. Follow the pics carefully and read EVERY image note.

Step 3: Magazine

Now to the magazine. Look at the pics carefully and read any image notes.

Step 4: Stock

The stock, there is nothing much i can say about it so i'll just show you the instructions. just like i've said: "follow the instructions carefully and read every image note".

Step 5: Firing Pin and Elastics

this is the firing pin I use and it works fine. hopefully it works for you too. i will only show the elastics for the trigger because im pretty sure you would be able to add your own elastics for the firing pin and mag pusher.

Step 6: You Are Done!

Well i hope ya like it. (You better!) sorry about my annoying image notes. If ya don't like something about the gun change it but dont come crying to me if it doesnt work. Just kidding. You may want to change the stock and make it shorter and/or change the mag by making it curve.

Im begging you..........please RATE(5*) and SUBSCRIBE. :)

Step 7: New Mag

This is a new mag i decided to add. It is slightly curved and should give the gun a even more real look. Hope you like it!



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    It looks good beside the stoct.when you were building the stock you got the right cerve but you did not pay attension to internal supports fpr the stock. but over all you did good.

    I just finished this gun, and it is the most BEAST g36c I have made so far. Despite having to break some of my knex parts, it is pretty powerful. I love it! Keep up the awesome work. :)

    Great gun mate best one ive bulit! 5* of course ;)
    Make more bro :D

    great gun, i modded the trigger and the stock, i couldnt get your trigger mech to stay locked, i got mine to shoot (single gray connector+ white rod+ blue cap connector) very effective, great gun thanks for sharing

    do the greens have to be cut in pic 11?

    they do need to be cut for the firing pin to pass by, you can also use some old messed bendable ones, just cut the ends off and pop them in, and use whats left instead of cutting hard rods (you know what i mean) lol

    I remember building this along time ago.

    This gun is sweet! I made it and i love it. 5*. I made an accurate ACOG sight and made the handle very strong.

    There is a way to build this only using one broken piece.

    can i post a review on youtube gtrain?