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Introduction: Knex G36E

About: Hi Im luke Or luke11wolf. I love building stuff out anything, especially knex. I like airsoft, sports, guns and wolfs are awesome. I know right aren't they awesome. c'mon agree, they're so awesome right. The...

Hi, this is luke11wolf. this is my first knex gun.  please dont be too hard on me, but give me tips to improve. Thanks, Comment and rate too.



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    looks pretty good for a first. If you want some criticism then I'm gonna tell you to try not to make guns that look bent like that. If you want to see something similar, look at my g36k. Pretty much the same gun. here it is:

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    yes! it looks quite bent and malformed or something like that.

    I see, Check out my new Uzi

    This gun has a barrell that stinks, im curently making a gun and i need a good barrel and mag that dosn't jam. Plz Help!

    By the way, It is a g36e because it has a built in scope.

    No. the g36k has a built in scope...

    Here is a g36e, a g36k does have a built in scope though.


    well they are both the same, that gun is in a game...

    Try and connect the handle to twdifferent places on the gun to make it stronger and also make a better scope. Change the barrel to the other sort of style because thenn it won't get jammed. 4*

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    Thanks for the rating. Im working on the scope. Im thinking about making a full insructable when i like it enough. I dont get what you mean about the "other type of barrel".