Knex G36K





Introduction: Knex G36K

This is probably the most realistic WORKING G36K out there. The stock is surprisingly strong for being a skeleton stock.


Looks realistic
Good range 40-45 ft.
Removable mag
Very light trigger pull
Under-barrel attachment capability
Not too heavy


Stock isn't as strong as a full stock
Bullet rarely catches in the barrel

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    53 Discussions

    I started instructables about a year ago and made a battle fleet. I wanted to say I like your gun but the g36c is my favorite. Good gun though.

    Hey man great job but as for best realistic and working the red book of west march has you. But then again all his guns are super realistic

    looks great and i would have to agree with blue mullet it does look great and it is also my favorite g36k. but i have not seen a good g36c on instructables. and in the near future i plan to make a g36c not a g36k i dont know why but people just seem to like the 36k more than the 36c.if you would want to you could make a g36c.