Hello there, this my new knex gun, the G36c and if i get ''50'' people who like this i will post this, and this gun is just an modle
looks friggin epic
I like it. it seems simple but it definitely looks like a g36c. some people want it to have all the attachments and special stuff but they screw up the great design of the gun in the process.
Yeah they do n Thanks n I just got done building the 50 cal. sniper rifle n heres a pic of it. It looks good, has removeable mag, good scope, n plus it has a iron sight for close range n it shots 50+ feet
like it
your welcome
pretty cool!
looks ok, but try and subsitute the broken parts.
Nice replica!
I like the gun, but why so many broken rods?
cause it looks cleaner and i hate when rods are sticking out of the gun like that so i cut them
I understand you, but its just unnecessary to have over 35 broken parts in a knex gun.
for me yeah and do you have a problem about it
I don't have a problem about it, I just find it rather unnecessary to have that many broken parts. I personally think that if a knex gun has to use broken parts; 5 would be the max needed.
nice u should make instructions

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Bio: I love buildin knex weapons and trucks
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