Knex G36c pic 1.jpg
This is just my G36c I decided to make because I couldn't think of any innovative ideas, and my friend also wanted to see me make a real life gun. I give credit to Beanieostrich for the handle. The gun shoots white rods if your wondering. Here are the stats:

Good range (35-50 ft)
Looks good (in my opinion)
Removable mag
Sturdy (yes, even the stock is)
Cool sights

Can't think of any

I hope you like the gun, also please give good constructive feedback. Don't forget to RATE,  COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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ryry20112 years ago
when i first saw it i was like wow he did a great job on the gun but when i took a better look at the stock i noticed that the top right hand conner of the stock i saw that it was almost filled in. were those yellow connecters added for strenght? but tue rest of the gun looks good. good job
Raz1r Knex Bull3t (author)  ryry20112 years ago
Yes, it was added for strength.
If you still have this, can you post instructions for it?
I don't know, it depends how many people want it.
I doubt you still have it. But I +1 the Dr.'s request! I would build for sure...
ok, I want it
Wow. I'm impressed. This a really cool gun.
BTW: are you working on something?
Not at the moment I need some ins-pa-ra-shee-on :).
That's what shee said.
Big bang theory?
Yep =)
Ha ha...
Sorry master, I shall not do that again :(
You should be ashamed of yourself.
Sorry sir. I shall stand in a corner, and think of my bad behaviour, and how I can improve it for in the future.
Good, you may come out of the corner now.
Thanks mister. I will improve myself.
Thank you for having mercy towards me
You're welcome. Wunder waffle #.
Wunde Waffle? (I know it's from CoD zombies, but why?)
mkay :)
------------------------------------------------------z $b$$F----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------F" 4$$P"-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------r *$$$".c . . .---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------%-4$$$$$$$$"-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------J$*$$$$$$P------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------^r4$$$$$$"----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*f*$$*"-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------" .4*$$$$$$ .----------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- 4ee%.e.-----.$$$$$$$$r-------------------------------------------------------------------------4$$$$$$b----P$**)$$$$------------------------------------------------------------------------e..4$$$$$$$"---------$$$$$$c.
*$$$$$$$$$. *$$$$$$$.
..$$$$$$$L c ..J$$$$$$$b
d"$$$$$$$F .@$$$$$$$$$$$P"..
..$$$$$$$$$$ d$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
=$$$$$$P"" " .e$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
*"" $**$$$$$$$$$$$$$$*
"".$$$$$$$$$C .
.$$$*"^**" "
=P" "
That was an accident.
Doesnt seem easy to cock back.. :/
why no curved mag
I was trying to get a mag that functioned well.
CODawesome2 years ago
no curved mag?
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