My shell-ejecting G36c. I spent about 3 hours on it. It isn't very accurate, nor powerful, but, it has a removable mag that you can see how many shots you have left. Sometimes, the shell doesn't eject all the way, but, on the good side, it hardly ever jams. I apoligize about not posting it, but I made some credits.
-Me, for building it and (mostly) buying the parts,
-TheDunkis for the shell system,
-Trauts, as my stock somewhat resembles his,
-U2, for provviding me with something to listen to during the building process(lol)
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this looks more like a g36 than a g36c
&nbsp;Youre counter strikek addicted
never played counterstrike looool
warrock or &nbsp;or other fps crap?
yh i axctually did play warrock lool but im not one of these noobs who thinks they know guns just cus they play games like cod lol.. ive actually fired a .22 rifle cus i used to go cadets
i've actually fired a .22 rifle a boy scouts summer camp.
i've actually fired... oh yeeaaah i've fired nothing.
dude i can fire a civilan modle m16 (AR15) .223 a .22 compares nothing to it man
ive fired a .22 rifle everytime i wanna go hunting in my backyard
iv'e built a gun similar to this. the guys gun sucked. im not saying yours does. the vids on youtube.
its beautifullike real G36C
Um, thank you. Did you rate?
Good job, instant sub. 5*
Thank you!<br />
i think trauts should get more credit than ur giving him. i'm not saying u copied his gun, but there is more than just the stock that looks like it's from his gun.
i agree the optics rail doesnt go far enough down the barrel to be a g36c still it is a recognizable g36
no affence but to me it looks like a G3 not a G36c BUT ITS AN AWSOME GUN
I thought I invented a shell ejecting mechanism.... until I saw this.
Well, the shell mech is actually TheDunkis's but, my gun slightly mods it. And if that was a compliment, then thanks.
aww please post?
Sorry. I will try to make a cartridge-ejecting pump action gun. Might post if it works (biggie)
ok thanks :)
Sorry guys, won't post it, I'm working on a ball machine, and I only have 6,000 pcs, so, yeah..............................
I hope you like it!!!!
just wondering do the shells eject? or do you just take them out. i dont know i just like the eject guns. there cool
Well, all I can say, is that I hope you like both, because you never know if it will eject or not. But, even when it doesn't eject, all you have to do is pull the halfway-ejected shell out from the port.
Hey builder i finished my gun. tell me what you think. <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/My-AR-10/">https://www.instructables.com/id/My-AR-10/</a><br/>
k cool just wondering ill give u a rating. and just to let you guys know as soon as i get my gun to work ill post a slideshow and if ppl want me to make an instructable ill probally make one. i started it like yesterday. its a mix of a few guns me and my friend sanglak (my neibor) well probally finish it if we ever get it to work XD. probally in like a week or 2. anyways nice gun 4 stars
ya its either that or a ww2 gun called fg 42
no this is really awsome YOU MUST POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Ok, then. I'm kinda busy this week, I only have Wednesday, Friday, and (I think) the weekend. I'll try to take pics during the week, and post it on the weekend.
post it! looks good and i like shells O.o
Thanks. One or two more replies, and I'll post it!
this is one more reply...
Pretty good:) The stock looks a little flimsy though
Actually, it's not that bad, but, it is a bit flimsy if you hold it wrong.
Ya but other than that you should totally post it :0
Ok. I'll need a few more people, though. It's not that I don't value your opinion, I just don't want 2 people building it and that's it. I'll see what happens.
post would like to make
Ok. Thanks. I'll wait until I have five people that want me to post it.
3.5* Don't get mad at me.<br/>
That's alright. It's better than 0.5* :P<br/>
ok but i said 3.5
I know. 3.5* is better than 0.5*, correct? I never said you said that.<br/>
Its OK.

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