Hey guys, and today I bring you instructions for the Galvaknuckles which are a special melee weapon that appear in Call Of Duty: Black Ops II. I got the idea to build them when youtuber ZaziNombies made one out of lego and I decide to make one out of K'nex. The Galvaknuckles took me 1 hour and 30 minutes to build it and this does include making minor tweaks and adjustments to it.

Good Points

. Very Realistic

. First K'nex Galvaknuckles On Instructables

. Comfortable Handgrip

Bad Points

. Uses A Few Cut Pieces (See Parts List)

In Call Of Duty: Zombies, the Galvakunckles appears in the maps Tranzit, Farm, Town, Nuketown Zombies, Die Rise and Buired in Call Of Duty: Black Ops II. It is only available of the wall for 6000 points. It will have a one knife kill up to round 14. In Tranzit, they are useful against the denizens and the avogrado since they will be killed with two hits. In Die Rise, they are very strong at helping the players get a random free perk when fighting against the jumping jacks.

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Step 1: Parts List

If you have any trouble or need more pictures just leave a comment and I will get back you ASAP. I strongly advised you to collect all the pieces before you start building. Also I have added a few notes throughout this instructable to make it more easier to understand something if you run into any difficulty.

Green Rods - 105

White Rods - 15

Yellow Connectors - 66

Red Connectors - 10

3.1cm cut Rods - 4

5.6cm cut Rods - 4

Total - 204

Step 2: Part I

Step 3: Part II

Step 4: Part III

Step 5: Done

Well done you made it to the end, I do hope you have enjoyed building it.

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<p>Thanks Mastersplinter</p>
<p>I bet this packs a punch! And man, it sure looks sturdy!</p>
<p>It is very sturdy and strong, its basically a knuckle with a taser </p>
<p>COD comes up with some interesting stuff. </p>
<p>Super simple.</p>
<p>Thanks Monkey and thanks for the favourite :D</p>
<p>No prob buddy!</p>
<p>Anyway thanks again</p>
<p>This is very impressive, well done </p>
<p>Thanks DNTR93</p>
<p>Thanks Sand</p>
<p>I love Galva-Knuckles, insta-kill until round 14. This looks like a great replica! Nice!</p>
<p>Thanks myOmy, you should definitely build it </p>
<p>Very nice!</p>
<p>Thanks Seamster</p>

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