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Introduction: Knex Gamecube Racing Simulator

Okay, here it is! I have built a Gamecube racing simulator entirely out of Knex.  Although it may not be the most advanced or the biggest, it still rocks!  It was designed for F-Zero, but plays nicely with Mario Kart Double Dash! as well.  The controller is a black standard Gamecube controller (not wireless).  The left foot pedal works the "Y" button, the right foot pedal works the "A" button, and the wheel on the front works the joystick.  The wheel does NOT require a gear for switching rotation direction.  The grey bar on the left work the left trigger, and the back bar on the left works the "X" button.  On the right, another pull-down bar works the right trigger, and a bar on the top aactivates the "Z" button.  Only the D-pad, C-stick, and B-button do not have controls. EVERYTHING ELSE WORKS!!  I give full credit to Trevmister8 and jakesllama for the inspiration to build this.  Everything you see in the video, however, is still my own design (TigerNod brought up a copyright error I made [Thanks!]), You guys have really nice setups (especially jake's tower simulator!)! Great work and thanks again for the inspiration!



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    not to be mean or anything, but are you actually working on instructions. because i would really like to use to play mario kart. i might just build from the pictures though.

    I had an instructable video series in the works, but some loser stole my iPod Nano with all the videos on it, so I'm going to have to start over.

    The simulator is very nice. I might build something like this for Playstation too.

    By the way, not to sound annoying, but do you give FULL credit to Trevmister8 and Jakesllama? Because technically that would mean nothing in this video is your work.

    This would be a bit difficult to reconfigure with other games though. Especially since the wheel doesn't move the joystick up and down. But other then that it's awesome.

    Never knew the Wii could play Gamecube games.

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    First of all, you make an excellent point. However, I give credit for the inspiration to them. The whole thing is my own design. They just inspired me.
    Also, to move the joystick up and down, I only use the up button and simply go "around the horn", or over the top to the bottom of listed menu selections. Most games have this "loop menu" feature (except F-Zero's main menu, for some reason).
    Thanks for your input!
    (Instructable coming soon!!)

    Ah, I see now. In that case you should just give credit for inspiration and concept, but not for the full design. Just saying. That's how copyright works. :-) Otherwise, you are basicacally saying: 'This isn't mine, I just posted the video on Ibles'.

    Maybe I could make a Playstation simulator with a friend of mine, and have the joystick connected to the transmission.

    You're absolutely right! I'll get right on it and change the description!

    There is a video on Youtube of a K'nex simulator for the GCN that does have a stick shift .. however, it's way too big to be practical. Perhaps you could make a smaller, more user-friendly version?

    Nah, don't think so. Maybe I could build something for my Wii, but at this moment I got other knex projects running.

    One more thing -- A Playstation version has already been done by someone else, but by all means, post yours on here if you can! I'd love to see it!

    the only thing i know what to make in this vid is the steering wheel.

    if i do make this, im going to modify it to work with Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader

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    I don't mean to sound rude, but how are you going to do that? Star Wars needs a joystick to play... this has a steering wheel. Just wondered...It sounds cool, though!

    Just had an idea... construct an airplane-style joystick extension that attaches to the top of the control stick.

    haha, congrats, that's cool, and it reminds about mine lol :D
    there's nothing more than precision to work on, other than that it has a lot of functions but isn't it too small?

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    Well I'm 6' 1', and I don't have too much trouble because I have long arms. You do however have to use it with no shoes on and you also should lean back on something. It really isn't bad if you lean back a little and take breaks. I guess I could have put the wheel and levers on a taller tower, but I nearly ran out of pieces as it is. As for precision, everything is precise enough, and I recently updated the V-bracket that pushes tha main joystick to have less "play", or wasted movement.