K'nex Gatling Gun




Introduction: K'nex Gatling Gun

 This is version 2.2 of my newest project, a four-barrel gatling gun. You cock and load the barrels (basically a shortened version of my earlier pistol), grab the handle, and give the wheel a spin. This is a much improved version of my first stab at a gatling gun, which had less power, broke more often and was harder to use.

Note: The first picture is upside-down. You can hold it like that, but it works better when held the other way.



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    Better gats have been made.

    u know, that was actually very mean. i expected more from you dj. at least a little constructive critism! i like the concept of the gun, but the handle looks a little flimsy. (my opinion)


    u know, that was actually very mean. i expected more from you J Moneyman. How do u think DJ feels now?

    well, the comment was not made to insult or to put down. I was just stating that as someone that i look up to, DJ could have been a little more sympathetic instead of throwing it in his face. I'm sorry if I offended you or DJ.

    It's just me saying that it isn't the best.  I wasn't trying to be mean.


    i know

    Never said you did.

    I'm not too keen on the handle.

     It seems to work...I'd be open to suggestions, though...