Now just get inside it and roll down a hill.
you would want this because?
why not?
brammeke115 years ago
Does it actually rolls? its not very round like my'n
Daniel662000 (author)  brammeke115 years ago
Yes it actually rolls, probably not as well as yours but it is bigger than yours.
LOL funny. My'n is bigger then yours
Daniel662000 (author)  brammeke115 years ago
What are you talking about your wheel is a red rod by gray rod by gray rod by a red rod, and mine is red red gray gray red red so mine is bigger.
No your right yours is bigger. I mean the sentence is funny
TigerNod5 years ago
ok... So it's a wheel. Which is not circle shaped by the way. And it rolls. Now what? I think you need to add a bit more extra stuff to it, just a knex wheel is a bit pointless. Oh, and it isn't round so maybe you could improve that.
sageserver5 years ago
you show add a motor that moves a wieght around then it'll roll by itself.
Daniel662000 (author)  sageserver5 years ago
Good idea maybe for Version 3.