Introduction: Knex Gift Box

Today I will show you how to make a knex gift box. It doesn't have to be a gift box, but I made a "bow" on top to make it look like a gift box.

Step 1: Parts Count


Dark Grey - 5

Light Grey - 4

Red - 4

Green - 4

Purple 3D - 48

Yellow - 12

White - 26

Blue 3D - 2


Green - 15

White - 116

Blue - 55


Blue Spacers - 6

Step 2: Sides, Top, and Bottom

Pic 1: Make 5 of these sides.

Pic 2: Make 2 of these edges.

Pic 3: Connect them like this.

Pic 4: Make 2 like this.

Pic 5: All the sides.

Pic 6: Build the lid like this.

Step 3: Connecting

Pics 1 and 2: Connect the sides like this.

Pic 3: All the sides added together.

Pic 4: Add the bottom.

Pic 5: Slide the hinges on the back of the box.

Pic 6: Snap the lid onto the hinges.

Step 4: Extras

Pics 1-3: If you want to you can put blue rods all over the box to make it look better and to make it stronger.

Pic 4: Make this bottom part of the bow.

Pic 5: The finished bow.

Pic 6: This is on the lid where you will put the bow.

Pic 7: Connect the bow to the lid with a white rod and two grey connectors on both sides of the white rod.

Pic 8: The lock on the front of the lid.

Step 5: Your Done!!!

Now you can put anything into the box.


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