I decided to take a break from K'nex guns for a bit, and built this fella. It's my first K'nex vehicle, so just keep that in mind. :P It has working steering that I made up myself; it has two levers that you push/pull to turn the front axle. It is not motor powered, and it may be a tad bit flimsy, but I think it's still pretty good. And I'm pretty sure this is the biggest K'nex Go Kart on the site. It could possibly be Mini-Moto, but don't quote me on that, because I have no idea what Mini-Moto is. But anyway, I hope you like it.


-Please leave some feedback in the comments section below.-


-My next project will be JonnyBGood's Buzzsaw gun in a rifle format, (sorry it took so long).

cool go-kart
<p>Looks good!</p>
<p>First off nice Go-Cart! the steering mech is pretty unique and I like that. </p><p>Also don't stress a deadline, seriously! I'm not chomping at the bit for you to build something off my Buzzsaw concept, it was simply a challenge. I knew you were a concept gun builder so I decided to challenge you to a concept that hasn't been played with much if at all so you could bring your own unique take of it to the community. </p><p>Overall, take you time, don't rush it, and make something unique out of this concept. If not, that's fine! It's a challenge for a reason and it doesn't make you any less of a gun builder for not making something! </p><p>We post on this site for fun and to innovate what has been done hundreds of times before so, have fun and build something man! =D</p>
<p>Alright, thanks!</p>
<p>Yeah sure! Thanks!</p>
<p>That's cool. The steering mechanism is pretty clever.</p>

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