Knex Gravity Accelerator





Introduction: Knex Gravity Accelerator

Hello welcome by this instructable with the knex gravity accelerator. You can put this set on the hyperspace training tower. the instructions are there now!

Step 1: The Box

This is the box for the gravity accelerator

Step 2: The Swing

This is the swing for the building

Step 3: The Middel Part

this is the middle that connects to everything

Step 4: The Chair

This is the chair that turns very fast

Step 5: The Dish

This is the dish and a receiver

Step 6: Putting Al Together

In this step you put it all together

Step 7: A Motor

Do you want a motor in it so in this step i let see the easiest way to do

Step 8: Done

Now are you Done with building have fun!

Here is a link to a pdf file:



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    This looks like a great machine, but what does it do?

    it does nothing but if you have the K'nex hyperspace training tower can you put it together and have you an extra part to watch.