This is a working K'nex grenade I threw together with instructions, so you can explode it too!

Step 1: Pieces You Need

Step 2: The Base

Build this and add a white connecter over the top and another arm in mirror on the other side like in the second photo. Then, add a white rod to the bottom and an orange connector to the rod.

Step 3: The Release Mechanism

Put the yellow rod into the orange connecter and then thread on the yellow hemisphere and put on the black stopper.

Step 4: Loading

The shrapnel (six spacers) on the arms and put the hemisphere over them. Finally, put the orange connecter on the top of the yellow rod to act as a safety pin and stretch two loom bands (or just a normal band doubled up) in the holes in each arm.

<p>For more damage, change the 6 grey spacers for 18 blue ones!</p>
<p>I will make this sometime soon! How do you make it explode? Do you just throw it?</p>
<p>Yeah, pretty much. Just make sure you remove the safety pin (orange connector).</p>
<p>Cool design. Thanks for sharing.</p>

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Bio: Hi, I'm Pyromaniac845 (or just Pyro) and I have a small gaming YouTube channel. On Instuctables, however I will mainly post K'nex guns.
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