Introduction: Knex Grenade

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Step 1: Gather the Parts

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This may be annoying. It may fall apart ALOT! It just takes practice. I had trouble! I hope you enjoy!
Parts list:
-I yellow rod
-I dark grey oval looking thing
-I orange thing
-8 Yellow connectors
-8 Green Connectors
-2 white connectors
-18 light grey connectors (You can substitute for this piece)
-8 red connectors

Step 2: Make the Pin

Picture of Make the Pin

This will activate it if pulled

Step 3: Start the Base

Picture of Start the Base

Start the base

Step 4: Make the Center Layer

Picture of Make the Center Layer

Use the yellow connectors

Step 5: Insert the Pin Into the Bottom

Picture of Insert the Pin Into the Bottom

The title says

Step 6: Add the "Explosion"

Picture of Add the "Explosion"

Dump all the light grey connectors into the body

Step 7: Make the Top Layer

Picture of Make the Top Layer

Use the 8 red connectors and the 1 remaining white connector

Step 8: Put All the Layers Together

Picture of Put All the Layers Together

Now push the top layer onto the middle layer

Step 9: Secure the Pin

Picture of Secure the Pin

Now use the dark grey piece to secure the top of the pin

Step 10: Your Done! Now to Set It Off

Picture of Your Done! Now to Set It Off

Good job! Now remove the top grey piece and then remove the pin. Now just drop for an epic explosion! Have fun!


sandroknexmaster (author)2014-06-16


This is two level of evil, first there's the explosion, then you have to try to avoid stepping on all the little pieces!

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