Knex Grenade




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Introduction: Knex Grenade

About: Hi my name is BasketballProdigy14. I just started building k`nex with my brother, mastersplinter306. He is really good at it, but I am still learning. I am a basketball player. We just built a car and we are...

This is my first instructable. I hope you like it. It is really awesome!

Step 1: The Bottom

Step 2: The Middle and Inside

Step 3: The Top and the Pin



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    I know, I realized that it has been used before after I posted it. But thanks for the compliment

    It's nice, but this has been used a couple dozen times before, almost exactly the same as this. It is neat that you filled the inside with shrapinal though.

    Cool. Try a gun.

    Nice design. Have you considered making a clip on the side to attatch it to a belt? Perhaps make a bandoleer to clip them to.

    Thanks for subscribing! I am going to start making a gun, and will try to have it posted by the end of the week.