Knex Grenade: Cyclone




Introduction: Knex Grenade: Cyclone

This grenade is super strong and it can be stuffed with lost of shrapnel! Another weapon it add to my Hurricane arsenal.

Step 1: Make the Frame

look at the pics.

Step 2: Fill It Up!

stuff till ya cant stuff no more!! (bet ull find a way)

Step 3: Top It Up

have a blast!!! (not required) (then again... lol)



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    I give it 2/5 because its not worth losing all those omega-rare roller coaster pieces.

     where the f*** do u find those white roler coaster pieces...well wat roller coaster set

    oh comon!! the very end of the gernade.. I ran out of rollercoaster peices.

    not really but he does look confused

    I like that you used the rollercoaster track pieces. but other than that it isn't new.

    its not? who else made it?

    well yeah... BUT! u can stuff a bit more shrap than the most sim. one i made a new one. check it!

    knex grenade 2 003.jpg