A knex stick grenade that has a blast radius of around 3 metres depending on elastic bands. The grenade fires 8 green rods in four directions and has a handle for easy throwing. Lots of people posted knex guns so I thought I would post a grenade!!!

Step 1: Pieces

You need:

10 White connectors
4 Yellow connectors
8 Green connectors
8 Purple connectors (individual) or 4 in pairs
4 Red connectors
8 Grey connectors
16 Light Grey connectors
8 Tan connectors
4 Red/Orange rods
24 White rods
8 Blue rods
4 Green rods (excluding ammo)
16 Blue spacers
2 Square Mini Panels/ 2 White connectors+ 8Green rods
8 Rubber bands

And some flexible wire

Step 2: The Handle

Take the four red/ orange rods and connect them to the 2 white connectors like this.

Step 3: Handle-grenade Connection

Get 2 green connectors and a green rod and connect them as shown and then do it an another 3 times and connect the four parts to the panel.

Step 4: Main Frame

Take 4 White and 4 purple connectors and 16 white rods and put them together like this!

Step 5: Charges

follow picture

Step 6: Construction

connect the charges to the frame like so....

Step 7: Construction

add the top and handle like this

Step 8: Finished

Now your grenade is finished all you have to do is make the circles that explode the grenade.

Step 9: Firing Rings

Get the wire and use some pliers to snip the wire so it is around 9cm and make it in to a cirle with a diameter (width) of around 1.2cm - 1.3cm. Do this a few times as unless you tie the rings to the grenade they are very easy to lose!!!!

Step 10: Loading and Firing

Take the top and bottom off the grenade to expose the firing rods, then push all of the rods into the middle like in the 4th and 5th pictures. Then all you have to do is put the green rods in the barrels and THROW!!! The impact of the grenade hitting the floor or the wall will make the grenade explode and fire green rods everywhere!!!!
i threw this at my friend it hit him in the face but the blast radius was still quite large unfortunatley he shot me back with an airsoft m4
it was kinda funny
this is a slaughtering of an amazing world war 2 grenade, the germans used these to do massive damage. anywho you souldn't piddle on affairs like that.
ya the Germans are still sore about them loosing
I'm a 1/4 German and I in no way am "sore about them loosing"
I'm 1/2 and I'm not either but people always ask <em>aren't you pissed off about Germans loosing in ww2 ?</em><br/>
im 100% german, though i now live in america. ES LEBE DEUTSCHLAND!
Meh auf Deutschland.
I'm 1/4 Polish but no-one cares......
correct jk but that was a little random
And im a WWII buff, plus im a bit german myself, im not proud of germany though in the war, but on the other hand, Germany has lots of great inventions like the rocket or the awesome giant glider they built
that is kinda racist, no offense
be quiet not all Germans are Nazis I myself am part Prussian and I am not a Nazi or part of the Gestapo
ur kinda mean to people, no offense and if u ban this comment i will report u to instructables for fraud! Just KIDDING!
Relax, it is not a "slaughtering" of anything. It is just something built for fun. Loads of people put frag grenades on the website but nobody ever made a stick grenade. I think it's great that someone tried something new. Great work
plus, how do you suppose we construct a concussion grenade out of knex?
its not that bad
i only have #64 rubberbands. do u have a solution for that kind of problem?
Aren't you kinda missing something the Stielhandgranate was famous for having a two damaging ability. They have the part you have usually burred under ground and a timed through-up grenade that would be thrown in to the air to and more damage. If you add a timer and another part that is thrown in to the air and they both explode at the same time that would be more authenticate. But nice grenade anyway.
Are you sure that you aren't talking about the S-mine?
Any way you could turn this into an RPG?
Or you could use it as a nightstick and WHACK THE HELL OUT OF SOMEONE lol.
So, you like building WW2 replicas of weapons? I like to do that! check out my instructables.
does it detonate when it hits something? And is it to heavy to put into a rubberband grenade laucnher?
1. Yes 2. Yes
does it shoot stuuf out of the charges when it dettonates? or is it splodie?
It fires green rods out of each of the barrels when it detonates.
So, if you don't hold it straight up, will the rods fall out?
I think if you replace the washers with ball sockets it shouldn't do that.
It means, "stem hand grenade".
Ok, thanx.
k thx ill build it into my M16(coming soon)
yeah it might take longer than soon now im havin trouble with the mag that holds red/green rods
wot the germans would say if they saw this! "GERNATER DECOM!"
gotta love dem potatoe mashers...
bloody hell nice camera
it a good club, i gonna cock it then wack somebody on head wit it
Haha :)
will some one tell me wot they think of my grenade?<br/>please check it out at: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/simplest-knex-grenade-in-the-world/">https://www.instructables.com/id/simplest-knex-grenade-in-the-world/</a><br/>
there is a simpler one: Splodies! btw tommy gun coming soon
in a WHILE
can u make it have more of a blast radius?

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