Knex Grenade





Introduction: Knex Grenade

A very simple, FRAGILE fragmentation grenade made of Knex pieces.

Knex Pieces needed (note: all pieces are CONNECTORS, NOT RODS)
6 white connectors
12 red/green/yellow/white connectors

Other pieces can be substituted for the ones listed above, but that's for you to decide. In addition, the basic shape of this grenade can be modified to suit the user.

CAREFUL while handling this grenade. Because it has weak connections between each individual knex piece, they separate easily and readily from each other, producing a nice "explosion." BUT the weak connections also cause it to be very fragile, so do handle it with care, or else it will "explode" in your hands.

Throwing of this grenade at a person's head/genital region or near a person's head/genital region can result in serious injury and/or excruciating pain. I will not accept any responsibility for misuse of this grenade resulting in injury and/or death.

Step 1: Building the Grenade

This step is for those that need clarification. If you get how to build it by looking at the first picture, don't bother reading this step.

Very Simple:
Build each of the below parts and then just put them together.

Step 2: Have Fun!

If the last step was unnecessary, this step was just redundant.

Just a simple warning:
Before throwing the grenade (Let's hope you know how to do that), carefully think it through. When you've made up your mind to throw it, prepare for ownage, followed by a very annoying cleanup.

Have fun!



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    Nice. My only problem with these sorts of things is they dont "explode" they shatter. In truth there are very few "explosives on this site or anywhere for that matter.

    nice grenade!!! funny to throw in sis bedroom at night =P
    nice instructable

    try doing it with all whites. bigger explosion, even more extreamlyer fragile.

    Yea, but much more clumsy and hard to hold and throw.

    i like this cause it explodes rather then shooting out a bunch of rods out of weak harder to reload mini gun things