This is my knex grenade its blast radius is 15ft.It requires a coil spring.It use minimal pieces.

Step 1: Pieces

Make these

Step 2: Putting Together

Put it together

Step 3: Carnage

This is its damage

Step 4: Finished

You are done dont forget to rate.
can u use a compression spring?
nice pic btw get a spring out of a pen or mechaniclal pencil tank bunny! ATTAAAAACK!!!!!!!! ^ () () ( ><) |HHHH|==================<>= |HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH| |HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH| |HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH|
show me a pic and ill tell ya
Is that you in step 3????????????????
yeah but that was me like a year ago i wear contacts and have shorter hair and i love to skateboard now before i didnt i can tray flip can you
yes and switch varial heel
er, no......I can only ollie
suck. i can do a hippy jump!
meh I gave up. We don't have a proper skate park here.
i hav 56 MnM songs on my ipod.
and i dont even have a sk8bord
or fliptrick
yes and yes
can u popshuvit
does it matter?he can make good knex guns thats all we need=P<br/>
Where do you get a spring like that?
i got mine out of a mechanical pencil i found on the floor at school
were can i get a spring like that1?????????????????????????
Hardware store.<br />
hey silent. great job with this grenade. i built it right when i heard it used a spring, i dident even think about using a spring
i thought of useing a spring before i saw this because i had no rubber bands and i only&nbsp;have mini knex so its easyer to build and the shrapnel isn't what you have to worry about its the peices of the grenade on my version because the shrapenal is in side the spring
well thanks that means alot:)
&nbsp;Dang, you do look 21.
What does that mean thats my brother when this account was his him and i take similar intrests
cool gtb
this grenade cant hold my spring =(<br/><br/>(it came from my old airsoft gun)<br/>
theres quite a few of these on here..
yeah but mine was before more than half and it was a good idea at the time and the first spring grenade
can you put a video on this site
nope the pics show it all
does the spring push out, or in?
yeah, it works really well, because it pushes out, not in.
you know, a compression spring, like in a nerf gun?
you can try i dont know
cool grenade i enjoyed making it
glad you enjoyed it dont throw at anything you care for but i throw it at my sister lol
To me, the best grenade on this site. although it requires a spring, it doesn't explode in your face unless you want it to, and grenades that do that really get on my nerves. +1.
That is not a coil spring that is a extension spring.
extension is the one on doors that you need to extend to get force out of, coil/compression is the kind that needs a compression to let out forces...
Sorry you right.
Pretty awesome man!
cool grenade
it does have a good blast radius ( its a little hard do activate it though you have to throw it HORD) +1
HORD, eh?
oops I mean HARD!!!
You're back! Any chance of some instructables now?
yes the P90 did not turn out to work that good but I have already made instructions for a pistol with removable mag and slide instructions will be up as soon as I get my computer to work my USB ports are not working

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Bio: i love knexing and hobbies are gas powered rc cars
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