Knex Grenade





Introduction: Knex Grenade

A knex Grenade that can be lobbed and detonates apon impact shooting bullets randomly in multiple diriections

Step 1: Building the Body

Build what is shown in the picture then add the firing bar and put rubberbands on it.
Make sure you have the rubberbands in the right place so they create the tension that holds the bullets in.

Step 2: Loading and Firing

To load it first pull the firing bar back. Take the square knex pice and stick the tip of the middle red connector into the path of the firing bar, stopping it from firing.
Add 2 green pellets per gap.
Grab by the firing bar and lob the grenade. The square falls out of place apon inpact causing the firing bar to be released. It shoots firing out the green pellets in random diriections.



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    hey do i have your permission to make an instructable on how to turn this into a time-bomb it keeps all its power it is just set to blow at a certain time and i would like to know if i could

    do I have your permition to do a review on it ,I'll give you 95% of the credit.

    thanks but it might be mabey a week my internet goes ultra slow ss i cant put pics and vids on i need to go to a wifi hotspot

    hi people

     This is a wonderful grenade. minf if i make my own and post. i will give you 90% credit.