Here is a Guardians of the Galaxy Starlord pistol I created. It is single shot, but I think it is a little unique. It can fire up to a four round burst, by loading green rods from the top front as seen in pic three. Here are some stats.
Good range
Single shot, up to 4 Rd. burst
Top front loading chamber
True Trigger
Five layers thick
Good sights
Accurate looking to the real Starlord gun in my opinion
So that is it for my Starlord pistol, and if people want instructions, I will most likely make some. If anyone manages to build it, feel free to mod it however you like, but don't completely claim it as your design. Cya
Looks great! :D
<p>instructions are posted!</p>
Looks so cool!!! i love gaurdians of the galaxy! well done
<p>thanks so much! Probably going to make instructions!</p>

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