Knex Sling!!!!!





Introduction: Knex Sling!!!!!

This is my first instructable that I have published. It is a gun I made yesterday. It's very powerful and it punctures paper!!

Step 1: Pieces You Need.

Pieces you need.

Step 2: Puting It Together.

Put the orange connecter on to the end of the grey rod.

Step 3: Puting It Together.

Put the elastic band through the hole.

Step 4: Puting It Together.

Tie an knot.

Step 5: The Final Bit.

Pull the elastic band back and let go and don't shoot anyone!!



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make it before you say it sucks, blood wolf

it is supposed to shoot, and it does that very well


unless you break them

how could the ones you use in this ible break them?? hmm???????

It's not that hard to tie a knot. What are you, a preschooler?

not bad if u add a red connector to the back with a white rod on it...then u have somewhere to attach the sling (grey connector) to and just push it to fire

that is the best thing ever it is small but mighity not to mention how far it goes

It doesn't suck! It may be simple, but the best pleasures in life are the simple ones!


not bad 2 *

There you go! Changing the name from "Knex gun" To " Knex Sling" was a wise choice my friend

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I agree with that.

hold the gray rod then pull back the single connector on the rubber band then let go of the connector.