First of all, this is my first k'nex gun instructable, I know it's simple.
Second, I give Oblivitus full credit on the handle and trigger.
It has a removable mag, for grey connectors.

Step 1: Mag

The removable mag. Tape the green rods so that they can hold the sides together.

Step 2: Mag Holder

The part of the gun that holds in the mag.

Step 3: Back Part and Trigger

This part is from Oblivitus's SLIM shotgun.

Step 4: Connecting, Ram, and Mag Ram

Connecting both parts and building the remaining stuff, not including the front grey connector part.

Step 5: Finished!

You're finished! I'm not responsible for injuries.
What is ur mag pusher.
<p>need more pics for the firing mechanism</p>
<p>and clip</p>
i did this just by using both pics an te ones here: https://www.instructables.com/id/SLIM-Knex-Shotgun/
i cant finish this now cos i cant see what to do here :(<br>
at step 1 pic 1, one rod is a bit hairy
nev mind, I get it, though, what does it shoot?
Gray connectors.
ok thanks
what's between the layers?
See Oblivitus's SLIM shotgun.
I still can't tell, he doesn't have any instructions on it
y do you have to tape the green rods
So that it holds the mag together.
Oblivitus! How could you be so cruel?! Lol, m'just kidding. First gun? This is great! -Removable mag -Good power (judging from where the trigger is) The ram looks nasty, you should have a look around. You should make it stronger.
I personally like that you put effort into this for your first gun, but the design looks rather messy. Personally, I think you could make it stronger/more comfortable. Also put better rubberbands on.

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