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Introduction: Knex Gun

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First of all, this is my first k'nex gun instructable, I know it's simple.
Second, I give Oblivitus full credit on the handle and trigger.
It has a removable mag, for grey connectors.

Step 1: Mag

The removable mag. Tape the green rods so that they can hold the sides together.

Step 2: Mag Holder

The part of the gun that holds in the mag.

Step 3: Back Part and Trigger

This part is from Oblivitus's SLIM shotgun.

Step 4: Connecting, Ram, and Mag Ram

Connecting both parts and building the remaining stuff, not including the front grey connector part.

Step 5: Finished!

You're finished! I'm not responsible for injuries.



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    i did this just by using both pics an te ones here:

    i cant finish this now cos i cant see what to do here :(

    at step 1 pic 1, one rod is a bit hairy

    Gray connectors.

    See Oblivitus's SLIM shotgun.

    I still can't tell, he doesn't have any instructions on it

    So that it holds the mag together.

    Oblivitus! How could you be so cruel?! Lol, m'just kidding. First gun? This is great! -Removable mag -Good power (judging from where the trigger is) The ram looks nasty, you should have a look around. You should make it stronger.

    I personally like that you put effort into this for your first gun, but the design looks rather messy. Personally, I think you could make it stronger/more comfortable. Also put better rubberbands on.