I created this gun after one gun I saw but I made it bigger and made some tweaks
It can shoot 4 green bullets at once
2 white bullet
1 yellow bullet
<p>It's 2014...</p>
<p>hehe, just another one of KillerKs pistol remakes *sighs*</p>
<p>Yeah. The thing is, KillerK's one actually would work better than this one. Especially in the sturdiness section.</p><p>No offense intended towards OP, it's just that we have knex guns around this time, that are a lot better, and innovative than this one. </p>
<p>Cool ;)</p>
<p>Wait, whaaat? The level of innovation here.... Dang. Keep it up, man.</p>
Nice, but it's 2014 now...

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