Welcome to my first Instructable, please be nice in comments.

Today i will show you how to make a K'nex Gun.

Lets get to it.

Step 1: Step 1: Handle

Pic 1 : Make this,

Pic 2 : Add these,

Pic 3 : Make this,

Pic 4 : Clip it on,

Pic 5 : Make this,

Pic 6 : Add it on,

Finished the handle.

Step 2: Step 2:Barrel

Pic 1 : Make this,

Pic 2 : Add these,

Pic 3 : Make these peices,

Pic 4 : The Most Boss Guy,

Pic 5 : Add them onto the barrel,

Pic 6 : Make this,

Pic 7 : Add it to the side,

Finished the Barrel.

Step 3: Step 3:Finishing Touches

Pic 1 : Clip the handle to the Barrel,

Pic 2 : Make these,

Pic 3&4 : Clip the to the handle,

Pic 5 : Make this,

Pic 6 : Slide them together,

Pic 7 : Tape it up good,

Pic 8 : Insert it here,

Pic 9 : Make this,

Finished Finishing Touches.

Step 4: Step 4:Finishing Touches... Continued

Pic 1 : 3 Rubberbands (only here for Awesomenes!!!!!),

Pic 2 : Add a rubberband around the Slide (the bit at the back),

Pic 3 : Down around and up there,

Pic 4 : Same as "Pic 3",

Pic 5 : What it looks like when its made loaded and has ammo in it.=,

<p>Great job on your first!</p>
<p>Nice for a first!</p>
Great quality for a first gun, I would add a grey/black rod for the ram and make the barrel a bit longer but other than that great job!
<p>Thanks,<br>I dont have any grey/black bits sorry. I have alot of K'nex but no long bits.<br>(=</p>
<p>Nice work! Thanks for sharing your first instructable!</p>

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