Hey you guys this is my very first k'nex gun. It is a rifle I hope you like it the range is 60-70 feet!

<p>Very neat! The design is a little messy (The end of the barrel) but I do like how it looks.</p>
<p>Thank you corgi</p>
<p>You are welcome.</p>
<p>Nice gun! You should add some cool upgrades!</p>
<p>Thank you but sadly I already destroyed it. :(</p>
Its a good start but 70 ft?? I doubt it a little do everything blue mullet said
<p>Alright I will!</p>
<p>That sounds good!</p>
<p>Pretty awesome!</p>
<p>Thank you bro!</p>
That looks pretty good!
<p>Thanks man!</p>
<p>Sorry that I only have one pic. I forgot how to download and I destroyed it. But I still have this one!</p>

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