Hey guys, sorry for being inactive for SOOOO LONG, ive been really busy with school, homework, and life itself, well anyways here you go, ive had this for a while, its taken apart now, but i thought id put up some pics for you guys, so here you go!

This gun looks nice in my opinion, and shoots well, i dont remember the range, but i do know it went over 40 ft. with about 4 #64 bands (not impressive, but oh well) Its a breach loader, (ive been really into that lately) and is accurate. I hope you guys like it.
Looks fantastic.
cosmetically brilliant, but seems to have worked very bad. 40ish feet with 4 #64 is just not good, and it's also a one shot... i like the design, though. if you remade it, i think some crucial things to do would be to make the barrel 3 layers wide inside (i think the main reason it's getting to little range is because there's a lot of friction in that tight little barrel) as well as add a breach wall (you know, something you open and close to reveal and conceal the breach), and if you can, make a better way to cock the ram, because that seems quite uncomfortable. <br> <br>to rephrase what AUG-50M3 said, dat butt... i saw you said you were working on a new gun?
Well, yeah, it wasnt that great, i just wanted to share it. I think it couldve been better myself, but anyway, it wasnt that bad to load, but yeah, i like having the 1 layer barrel because it increases the accuracy, but i guess it slows it down, but anyway, im not good with breach walls, but i can give it a shot later. <br> <br>Yes, i am working on a new gun, its almost done, but this one doesnt work to well either, ill post pics, but im gonna take it apart.
yeah, i guess that makes sense. <br> <br>i'll check it out.
Cool sights, I like the circle.<br> <br> And here's Sharir's new knex gun innovation competition if you're interested:<br> <br> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/the-knex-innovation-contest/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/community/the-knex-innovation-contest/</a>
Alright, thanks for letting me know. Ill try to get into it, but i dont have as much time as last time especially with school and homework. But thanks again.
Dat stock.
haha, wouldve been funnier if you wouldve said,&quot; Dat Ass&quot; cuz some people call it a butt, so yeah :P anyways, thanks :)
Lol yeah, but people might get that the wong way =D
looks a tad bit like an AA-12
A little bit. The stock is to different to be a AA-12. I think the handguard and fattish barrel give it the AA-ish look.
yeah, lol
Really? I thought it looked like the DMR from Halo: Reach
me tooo lol
With that in mind, YES IT DOES
Hey man, would you do me a fave and look at some of my guns and give me some advice. NICE GUN!!!!!
it looks very nice i really like the stock
Thanks :)
your welcome :)
Great job! =D
Thanks :D
No problem!
It's been awhile since I saw a decent breach loader. I say 4 stars and 4.5 if you can get the range to 40 ft with 2-3 #64 bands. Otherwise good gun.
Damn. If I was building it, I would thin the barrel out so it wasn't so it wasn't the same thickness all the way through. Post a vid?
I actually wanted a longer barrel, at the end, i wanted to thin it out. and be more like a sniper, but i ran out of pieces, so i did what i could, sorry, i dont have a vid, i took pics, then took it apart, im already working on another gun.
Looks good!
Thanks :D
It looks great! Post? :D <br>
Thanks :), but sorry, its not, i took it apart, im making another gun right now.

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