Knex Gun: Adamant





Introduction: Knex Gun: Adamant

Hey guys, sorry for being inactive for SOOOO LONG, ive been really busy with school, homework, and life itself, well anyways here you go, ive had this for a while, its taken apart now, but i thought id put up some pics for you guys, so here you go!

This gun looks nice in my opinion, and shoots well, i dont remember the range, but i do know it went over 40 ft. with about 4 #64 bands (not impressive, but oh well) Its a breach loader, (ive been really into that lately) and is accurate. I hope you guys like it.



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    Looks fantastic.

    cosmetically brilliant, but seems to have worked very bad. 40ish feet with 4 #64 is just not good, and it's also a one shot... i like the design, though. if you remade it, i think some crucial things to do would be to make the barrel 3 layers wide inside (i think the main reason it's getting to little range is because there's a lot of friction in that tight little barrel) as well as add a breach wall (you know, something you open and close to reveal and conceal the breach), and if you can, make a better way to cock the ram, because that seems quite uncomfortable.

    to rephrase what AUG-50M3 said, dat butt... i saw you said you were working on a new gun?

    Well, yeah, it wasnt that great, i just wanted to share it. I think it couldve been better myself, but anyway, it wasnt that bad to load, but yeah, i like having the 1 layer barrel because it increases the accuracy, but i guess it slows it down, but anyway, im not good with breach walls, but i can give it a shot later.

    Yes, i am working on a new gun, its almost done, but this one doesnt work to well either, ill post pics, but im gonna take it apart.

    yeah, i guess that makes sense.

    i'll check it out.

    Alright, thanks for letting me know. Ill try to get into it, but i dont have as much time as last time especially with school and homework. But thanks again.

    haha, wouldve been funnier if you wouldve said," Dat Ass" cuz some people call it a butt, so yeah :P anyways, thanks :)

    Lol yeah, but people might get that the wong way =D