Hey guys, im feeling better, so i took some time because i had nothing to do, and i had this to be posted so i made the instructables, hope many people make it, and if you do, I WANT PICTURES. Thanks.

-Removable mag
-Comfy stock
-Comfy Handle
-Pin guide (Sorta)

-A bit weird to load
-Cut pieces (Necessary)

Thank you guys, Please Rate, comment, and dont forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!

P.S.  i will add a step for completed projects.

Step 1: Barrel and Sights

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Step 2: Stock

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Step 3: Bits and Pieces

Little bits and pieces youll need later. And the ram rod

Step 4: Main Body

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Step 5:

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Step 6: Mag and Pusher, Bands

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Couldnt finish, ran out of green rods.:(
That sucks, i know what thats like :(
i ran out of them as well. can you make a mag that uses less green and black rods??
First off, looks like a great gun. Second, I'm sitting here staring at the 29th picture on the first step and I am absolutely confused. Got any help for me?
If you're still making it:<br><br>- get 2 red rods, put 2 beige clips on one on as seen.<br><br>- than, put 9 yellow connectors on it<br><br>- Put on one of the 2 rods grey, one side connectors and red, 3 side connectors on it in this way:<br>gray-red-grey-red-gray-red-gray-red<br><br>- On the other side:<br>red-gray-red-gray-red-gray-red gray<br><br>Hope this helped
i see why u r confused
Epic Gun 10/10
Thanks :)
Looks rad man. I'm building it as I type. Say do you think you'll ever post an instructable for the Knex SL8?
I plan on rebuilding, but not now, i have another project going on.
what project? gun, ball machine, car ...?
Another gun, its coming along great :)
cool! :)
Ill have pics up sometime today or tomorrow, its complete but im modding it some to look nicer. :)
ok :)
Yay, I found time today and I was able to build it. It's an awesome gun.
Thanks :) picture please?
Sure, I'll be happy to give you a picture. But you'll have to wait because I have to go to church, maybe when I get back I'll get pics up.
Cool, i have to go to church too :P
You'll have to wait for the pic, my computer is screwy.
Its ok, i know this isnt the best, but its my favorite
Its ok, i know this isnt the best, but its my favorite
I might build this gun. (I hardly use this type of mechanism) because back in 09 I built this type of mechanism and didn't work. So Its fuzzy.
Its up yo its cool 5 *s
Thanks :)
how many broken parts does it use?
8, 5 are cut ends, and 3 are cut ends.
uuhhhmmm.... lol?
3 are cut rods, my bad XD
nice gun! but how many yellows does it use?
around 162
d'oh, i can't build it then :(
that sucks :(
well, i have an lmg build now out of knex from which i probably gonna post an slideshow of soon
Let me get an average count.
Cool, I'll build when I have time.
I really like the look of this gun =D 5*
Thanks :D im just a missing one pic, hold on.
nice gun <br>
Thanks :D

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