Hey guys, this is my recent gun, hope you like :)

Pros and cons in the vid.

Callous: Showing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others.

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[Update 1]
Update: Hey, i've been tinkering with this still, but with the current ram, it will break after 2 #64's, so i'm working on a new one, hopefully that will be stronger and can hold the power. I do plan to order more knex but i need to get some money first, thank you :)

[Update 2]
Ive been working on it some more, and i have a good new ram, so far it hasnt broken and withstands more power, and is easier to load, im almost done :)

[Update 3]
Hey, sorry im taking so long, but i WILL post, but not this week, im sorry but at my current state, i cannot, im too sick, and cannot get to it, but thanks for those who are waiting, and i will post, im also taking recommendations for future guns, thank you :)
New one up check it out plese
Check out my new gun its awsome
yo another guns up for me its a crossbow check it out and nice gun Waffleman I just LOVE the sights :)
it kinda looks like a Stoner 63
yeah, but that wasnt my intention, i free handed this.
hey guys i'm makeing a 6 shot open hatch sniper rifle and its looking preety good may even post it check it out when you have a chance (hopefully finsh it on wednesday) it will be my first instructable.
Guys my gun is posted check it out
No problom i got the gun that i was talking about done. its a pretty cool rifle but it does not have the range. i wanted it to be at least 30 ft but its around 20 ft . the best thing about it is that for me it reloads in 3.5 seconds. if you guys want me to post it i will try.
Man your a good builder to me it looks like a moded M16
Thanks :) I did want an m16 stock, but idk, i kinda just did what worked for the pin, other than that, thanks :D
Thank you :)
i just watched the video whith sound on, and i was like o.0
lol, why? XD
the intro sounds a bit weird
NICE! are you going to post it?<br>it looks awesome. a bit like a USAS-12, to be specific.<br>i am definitely going to build if you do post! 5*
I will, and thanks :)
nice gun man
thanks :)
Wow, I love that thing!
thanks :D
For what?
sorry wrong person but still a good gun
lol, thanks :P
So what is so special about it?
Nothing, i just named it that, and gave the definition, is all.
Please don't put crappy music over your video and render it in 1080p when it clearly wasn't recorded that way.
Thanks :)
You need to post instructions dude
I will :)
looks gr8! i love the sight =D
Thanks :)
Very cool!
thanks :)
This is an awesome gun you got there. =) Going to post this one?
Most likely, and thanks :)
No problem man.
awesome! the sight thing reminds me of an g36, where you ispired by that ?<br>4.5*
Somewhat, i really love that sight, and thanks :)
no problem :D
Awesome. Just awesome. Are you gonna post it?
Im thinking about it, but i wanna see if i can fix things though, but most likely a yes, and thank you :)
this looks awesome!<br>you really need to post this.<br>if you do, iw would really build it!
Thanks :)

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