video Knex Gun: Callous [Update 3]
Hey guys, this is my recent gun, hope you like :)

Pros and cons in the vid.

Callous: Showing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others.

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[Update 1]
Update: Hey, i've been tinkering with this still, but with the current ram, it will break after 2 #64's, so i'm working on a new one, hopefully that will be stronger and can hold the power. I do plan to order more knex but i need to get some money first, thank you :)

[Update 2]
Ive been working on it some more, and i have a good new ram, so far it hasnt broken and withstands more power, and is easier to load, im almost done :)

[Update 3]
Hey, sorry im taking so long, but i WILL post, but not this week, im sorry but at my current state, i cannot, im too sick, and cannot get to it, but thanks for those who are waiting, and i will post, im also taking recommendations for future guns, thank you :)
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New one up check it out plese
Check out my new gun its awsome
yo another guns up for me its a crossbow check it out and nice gun Waffleman I just LOVE the sights :)
kylebusch183 years ago
it kinda looks like a Stoner 63
Senior Waffleman (author)  kylebusch183 years ago
yeah, but that wasnt my intention, i free handed this.
hey guys i'm makeing a 6 shot open hatch sniper rifle and its looking preety good may even post it check it out when you have a chance (hopefully finsh it on wednesday) it will be my first instructable.
Guys my gun is posted check it out
No problom i got the gun that i was talking about done. its a pretty cool rifle but it does not have the range. i wanted it to be at least 30 ft but its around 20 ft . the best thing about it is that for me it reloads in 3.5 seconds. if you guys want me to post it i will try.
Man your a good builder to me it looks like a moded M16
Thanks :) I did want an m16 stock, but idk, i kinda just did what worked for the pin, other than that, thanks :D
Johnhall443 years ago
Senior Waffleman (author)  Johnhall443 years ago
Thank you :)
i just watched the video whith sound on, and i was like o.0
Senior Waffleman (author)  dr. richtofen3 years ago
lol, why? XD
the intro sounds a bit weird
Senior Waffleman (author)  dr. richtofen3 years ago
NICE! are you going to post it?
it looks awesome. a bit like a USAS-12, to be specific.
i am definitely going to build if you do post! 5*
I will, and thanks :)
polaris 2503 years ago
nice gun man
Senior Waffleman (author)  polaris 2503 years ago
thanks :)
H1T4TCH13 years ago
Wow, I love that thing!
Senior Waffleman (author)  H1T4TCH13 years ago
thanks :D
ryry20113 years ago
Senior Waffleman (author)  ryry20113 years ago
For what?
sorry wrong person but still a good gun
Senior Waffleman (author)  ryry20113 years ago
lol, thanks :P
TheRacker3 years ago
So what is so special about it?
Senior Waffleman (author)  TheRacker3 years ago
Nothing, i just named it that, and gave the definition, is all.
Thanks :)
bhuty3 years ago
You need to post instructions dude
Senior Waffleman (author)  bhuty3 years ago
I will :)
~KGB~3 years ago
looks gr8! i love the sight =D
Senior Waffleman (author)  ~KGB~3 years ago
Thanks :)
Seleziona3 years ago
Very cool!
Senior Waffleman (author)  Seleziona3 years ago
thanks :)
This is an awesome gun you got there. =) Going to post this one?
Senior Waffleman (author)  beanieostrich3 years ago
Most likely, and thanks :)
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