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Introduction: K'nex Gun: Comeback

Heyo, so even though I've been active here I haven't been posting very many guns. So, I though I'd make up for it by posting this great new gun I've been working on called "Comeback"

I started on this gun by trying to modify the SMRI that Red and TD are working on, but I wasn't to fond of it. I'm not sure why though. Anyways, I started working on this brand new gun to show everyone that I'm still building. So without further ado, to the gun.

Gun Info:

I'd just like to start off by saying this gun was very out of my comfort zone because if its size, even though its not that big. But anyways, this was a very difficult to get to work, because of the bullet transfer system. What bullet transfer system you may ask? Is this just another stupid single shot guns Didexo? Well actually no, this has a horizontal mag under the barrel and it works great. I tried to get everything jammed into these gun to get it to work great. How 'bout them pro's and con's? [Ranges haven't been tested]

-Horizontal magazine
-Comfortable stock/handle
-Realistic sights
-Decent pin draw back
-Non-Band trigger
-Easy to use/load
-Overall it looks good? Wouldn't ya say?
-No broken pieces, that was a tough one

-Magazine only holds 3 blue rounds, but you could lengthen the barrel I guess
-Front grip is a little weak, easy fix though
-It's hard to fix, on the rare occasion is jams, you have to take off every layer

Well that just about sums it up for this gun, tell me what you think!



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    I kind of wish more storage was possible with the tubular mags :(

    I built a horizontal mag with perpendicular mounting that's pretty reliable but the bolt only let it get around 30 feet, far less than something like this. Good job man!

    Yes it is quite a shame. Did you post it?

    the instructible I made with mech in the title is it, there are even more pictures in the comments section of that and the other gun

    First off, this looks really nice, that was my first impression. Secondly, I like how it operates using a tubular / horizontal magazine. I am glad you are "back with us!"

    Thanks Red! See what I meant by how it doesn't look like the SMRI? Ha, glad to be back :p

    Yup, and I am sure we are all glad to have you back. Yeah, XD, it looks nothing like the SMRI. Do you want some pics of my most recent version? I just took them last night.

    Yeah, that'd be great.

    Alright, well, here they are. You will notice that they pictures aren't very informative as they were taken in haste. Have any questions?


    Looks like Red's been busy with Valentines Day preparations! Nah I'm just kidding, looks nice!