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Introduction: Knex Gun Concept (lever Semi-auto)

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Hello, everybody. I know I haven't been active for a while,thats because I couldn't think of anything to make. But, then i got an idea for a new concept I don't think anybody has done it before.This is an unfinished version of the gun and its my first made prototype so I don't want to hear any bad comments so hear is how the gun works.

When you hold the gun (shown in second pic) you push the lever into the handle by closing your hand (shown in 3rd pic) that fires one shot. Then you release your grip and return to the holding point,that wil reload or pull back the pin (This has not been come-up with yet but i have an idea of how to do that) and it will be ready to fire again.



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    this gun is a remake of several better double action guns (like a revolver), only it is the first one with a backwards trigger, which, by the way, is't a good thing. triggers were made in front of handles for a reason.

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    Listen, its just something that I thought up (not saying its my idea) and I not it was different, so I made an ible for it.Its not something to get worked up about.

    oh don't get offended. i have nothing personal against you or your designs, but it's just that i, like many many others, want the innovation on the site to kickstart, and a major thing that's preventing it is that every newcomer posts every little "new" gun he makes, and 99.99999% of them are remakes of older guns. so i was merely expressing my opinion that something like this shouldn't be posted because it has been done better before. i try to only post things i think have never been done before (i am now, i wasn't when i was new here), such as my REMPAR. don't get upset at my comment.

    Don't get me wrong I want to jumpstart everything up just as much as the next person. But, thank you for your constructive critisism.

    Ok thanks.

    No. Its a lever, in a trigger you have to pull the ram back THEN pull the trigger. In this gun it combines to two actions. Get it?

    no. knexge3k is right - it is a backwards trigger. a trigger does not necessarily mean that you cock a ram before pulling it. it is simply a word to describe anything that starts an action. in guns, the word trigger solely applies to the part that you push/pull (usually pull) in order to operate the gun, or in other words, shoot. so, in conclusion, that is a trigger, and quite an awkward one too.