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Just a simple semi-auto design by Oblivitus from his K'nex Concepts. I have to say, I think that this is not quite as easy to use, powerful, or useful than his other pseudo semi-auto design (stacked barrels rather than side by side ones). It's cons hugely outweigh its only pro (pseudo semi-auto). It's hard to reload and shoot and you can't add more bands without taking it apart. If it is ever updated, (and if I ever put more time into it,) these problems could be solved. However, it is very fun to use.



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    Cool. I'm glad you finished it. However, all of the problems with this version;

    "It's weak, hard to reload and shoot, occasionally needs to be fixed, and you can't add more bands without taking it apart"

    don't need to happen at all if you were to put more time into it. It could get 50 feet of range. It's not bad for only a couple of days of work though.

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    I'll add this to the "Completed Knex Concepts" and the "Knex Concepts" group if you don't mind.

    Nice! I'm glad someone is making it. Yeah, it may not be the best with it's long reload time, but it's simple, it's new, and it'll work pretty slick. It should be a fun gun. I'd love to see a video when you're done.