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Introduction: Knex Gun: DTAR

Hello, and happy Thanksgiving! This is my newest gun. It is probably one of my favorites. This gun is a puesdo slingshot. Which means it is a semi-auto slingshot, at least that's what I think it means. This you should probably know to; it doesn't have a mag so you have to load in each bullet. So I guess it shots rubber bands semi-auto but not bullets, but you and load in connectors. Anyways here are the Pro's and Con's.


I think it looks REALLY nice
Very comfy
I got 60-low 70's
Really powerful
doesn't use to many parts
No "rare" or "weird" parts
A simple mech so the bands won't jam
Can shot pretty much anything
Safety clicks in place
Straight pull back true-trigger
Different trigger

Uses a broken white connector, required
Probably won't be posted
3 bands on the wheel at a time
Not a "real" semi-auto I guess

Alright guys/girls if you want to see more guns like this be sure to follow me for more great guns. Also, tell me what you think, leave a comment below :).



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Haha thanks.

That's a beautiful elastic gun ! Nice work !

Thank you!

Looks clean! Only con is the RBG mech.

Yeah Thanks for my 400th comment!

It's meh...I am not a big fan of RBGs, but "to each his own" I always say. It looks good though, clean edges, sharp looks, and no barrel. All of that is to my liking. Keep it up. (Making a video would be great!)

Yea I probably will. I know RBG;s aren't my favorite, but I try to switch it up a little bit.

Good, I would like to see it (don't forget to add a clip of it in action XD). Yup, switching it up is a good idea.