This is my new gun, Decimation. So I was looking through all the guns I've posted on this site and thought, I haven't built any futuristic guns yet! So this is my first attempt at one, I'll be honest I wasn't really pleased with how this turned out but thought what the heck I'll post it and see what people think.

Looks Ok
Awesome trigger guard (I'm definitely using it again
Good pull back length
Good sights
Preloaded 20 round mag
40 ish foot range
Sturdy though stock is a bit flimsy

Ram sticks up to high off stock so when it's pulled back it bends down at a un healthy angle.

So tell me what you think and vote for me in the Knex contest.
I dunno, man. I like the magazine and trigger guard, but the rest of the gun looks, well, weird.
Yea, I know. I should stick to what I'm good at, Replicas.
I think you're good at both, but this is just not you're best work.<br><br>Change of subject, but did you notice that I got featured?
<p>It's okay. i'm not liking the stock that much. </p>
Thanks, I don't like the stock either but it is comfy.
Cool. Butt the stock looks a little weird.
Thanks, yea the stock is a little weird but I tried to make it futuristic but I think I failed.
Looks good but in not sure what I think about the stock but they're hard to make. Overall it's really good it gets my vote
Thanks, I would have made the stock different but had little piece so I had to make a decent stock with little piece so.....

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