Heres my new gun, I hope you like it. Posting the video is being weird, and annoying.

Heres the Link

Sorry about this, but I want to show you.

Anyways, please comment, rate, and subscribe.
surprisingly, I really like the end of the barrel, at first I was like, whaa? then, the more I look at it, the better it looks... awesome job man, just pure awesome
Haha, thanks
Thank you.
nice, what's the ammo, fire range, and range?
Ammo is blue rods in shells (3 silver spacers). Range i need to measure.
Nice! I really like how you built the handle. I hope to see a post and some more great guns soon.
Thank you
Nice =D
thanks :D
Yep =D
your welcome =D
cool gun
thank you
This is REALLY good. I'm definitely building this.
Very Impressive!
Thank you!
Cool! Good job!
Looks nice, sturdy, comfortable, powerful. Good job, too bad the mag's not removable. <br>The video was also pretty good, but I'd turn down the music a bit more in a following one, you were pretty hard to hear at some times.
Hmmm, I was pretty sure I lowered it enough, but oh well, ill do that next time, And thanks a lot.
It could also just be me. <br>You're welcome :)

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