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Introduction: Knex Gun: LR2 (Updated)

Hey guys! This is my newest gun in the LR series. This gun shoots real arrows and is twice as powerful as the LKSS. This uses 5 foot long 20lb surgical tubing. Theoretically this has enough power to take down a deer as a 30 lb compound bow does with ease. Unfortunately this thing is not my most accurate gun so I would not want to take the chance of injuring a deer instead of a clean kill.

Alright before I get to the stats, I'm going to flat out say this. I know this thing is dangerous and has the potential to seriously injure or kill a person. But I really don't care if you object to dangerous guns being made from Knex. You can leave what you want to in the comments but please let's not start another war like what happened on blue mullets knife launcher. Don't make me go full American on you guys lol.

It shoots freakin arrows
Super powerful
300+ range (can't shoot finammo because it destroys normal Knex so that's why I shoot arrows)
Indestructible trigger
Very hearty
Folding bipod with lock

Cannot shoot normal Knex
This gun has destroyed 10+ Knex pieces in the week I've had it

So I hope you guys like the gun. Leave a comment telling me what you think.

~Lucas The Boss~

*I have a vid made on YouTube, but I don't have access to a computer right now so it might be a few days before its embedded into this ible.

Step 1: Internals

The trigger is very simple, but just about as strong as you can get.

Step 2: Range Updates

Ive done some more work to this thing and im achieving 300 feet ranges with pure carbon golden tip arrows and surgical tubing that has 20 lbs of tension on it. According to some test ive ran this shoots with enough power to kill a white tailed deer with broad-heads. However building sights out of knex are normally not very consistent and with slight error from either me or the gun, could result in a injured animal and not a clean kill. So for that reason i will not make a deer hunting episode with a knex gun. (And its march and i dont want to wait 7 months to build another gun) but according to statistics this has the power to take down a large animal. For that reason please do not attempt to replicate this, it could easily injure or worse kill a human being, so DONT build this but if your that hardheaded build at your own risk.



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    Wow, that is one awesome gun! This is the first K'NEX gun that I have seen that shoots real arrows. It must get pretty high ranges!

    Thanks! Yea it gets some pretty serious ranges. I posted a vid about a month ago of a 100 yard shot with it.

    Nice to see you still posting stuff, and holy moly that is a nice looking gun! God I need to get back into the game here :P

    BTW if you want to reduce strain on the pieces that stop the rubber band and keep the band from breaking as soon, try having the band stop a bit sooner as the guide pullies probably currently exert a lot of force just from momentum without any significant band length to cushion that

    Thank you! The community is starting to make a comeback but the stuff thats being posted is kinda bad. Ill have to try that, but when i started shooting arrows, the front seemed to hold up better. Glad to see you like it. (I miss your awesome complicated bull-pups


    Maybe some up close pics of the trigger...for JK I'm just curious on how you held back so much power.

    Sure! It's actually really simple, but very strong. I will get them up on Monday.